Monday, March 17, 2014

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6.5.13 Decorating! (finally)


Today, I get to decorate!!  Woohoo, finally!  Everyone has their preferences.  For me I did not want to put a “theme” to the trailer, or fill it with Vintage d├ęcor.  I did, however, chose a color from the 1950’s color palate to accent with and then filled in the rest with what I like and what I felt would make it a comfy, cozy, homey, practical, useful space.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some adorable themed trailers and some trailers with some beautiful vintage items paying homage to the Vintage era – it just wasn’t what I wanted.  I chose a vintage Eifel Tower print and a vintage fan, a couple flamingo drinking glasses, and there will be flamingo’s outside the trailer as well and that’s it.  I also added a little bling with the chandelier because every girl needs at least 1 piece of bling.  (The drawer in the kitchen is being modified to accommodate the down spout of the sink which is why it is missing)


6.5.13 Inspection, Licensing


After going to the DOL to get an inspection Trip Permit,  I went and had Lizzy weighed yesterday to prepare for tomorrow’s inspection.  I am a proud Mommy of a 1,680lb. baby girl.  Old documents that I have found said that when the 13’ Aloha Compacts were manufactured that they weighed 1,460lbs.  With the rebuild, pressure treated wood, extra steel supports, etc. she gained a little weight.

Today is the day, I take her in for inspection to the Washington State Patrol.  I bought the trailer with only a bill of sale, and no title.  I looked up what was needed in the State of Washington to do this before I took her home.  Requirements were a bill of sale, weight slip, receipts of major components to build the trailer and a VIN number.  We looked everywhere and the rust  had just overtaken the frame of the trailer – no VIN # to be found.  I had to call and make an appointment for this inspection and the day has finally come.  Showed up to the State Patrol, he did an inspection and looked for a VIN # as well.  When was not found he issued one to me, he drilled a couple of small holes, attached the plate, and gave me an inspection certificate to take to the DOL to get her licensed.  A few $$ later at the DOL I had a license plate.  She’s official!

6.3.13 Bearings, Rally sign, trailer hitch


Learned how to pack bearings tonight from my favorite “borrow a husband” Tom.  I asked him if he could help me for a couple of hours last week and he has helped me wrap up EVERYTHING left ever since.  We moved the trailer to his shop last night where he has a lift and more tools than I could possibly image.  All I can think of is, “Where the hell has he, the shop, the tools, and the lift been the last 9 months? And if I had this at my house I would be restoring trailers for a living!”…. anywho, he has been a blessing, and he has a very patient wife, let’s hope she is still my friend by the end of the week.  J  After we cleaned the old bearings, repacked them, and attached them to the trailer we looked up how much to torque the wheels. (details, details).  Then was able to put on the baby-moon hubcaps – my favorite.

Tom, welding on the hitch crank!

Since Lizzy had her first sleep-over last night I felt lost when I went out to the carport and she wasn’t there.  So to kill time waiting for Tom, I dove into some of my decorating projects.  I worked on finishing up the curtains for the trailer and then worked on a sign for when I attend Rally’s.  I used an old piece of original unpolished tin for the backdrop and then attached the license plate lettering that I ordered online and popped the whole thing into a frame.  Cute!

Friday, May 31, 2013

5.30.13 Propane, Wheels and Tires


Propane, Wheels and Tires!  Although I am not cooking in my trailer I will be powered by propane for cooking on my BBQ and fueling my portable Fire Pit when allowed.  I have such limited space in my little Lizzy that I figure I will haul the tanks on the tongue of the trailer.  I found the tanks at Costco for a great price and they come with a gauge as well to tell me when I’m low.  I spray painted the tanks to match the rest in my smoke blue color and painted the tank tray in the cream color.

Wheels and tires has been my biggest challenge (if you can image that).  The wheels are a 15 X 6 wheel with a bolt pattern of 5 on 5.5 – which was the tricky part to find.  I finally found an affordable wheel at  They were easy to deal with and shipped that same day.  I also ordered the baby moon hubcabs.  J  I painted the wheels the same accent color in the trailer.  You can see in the pictures why I needed new wheels.  One of the wheels was salvageable enough to keep for a spare. 
I ordered tires from a local discount tire store had them mounted and now she has her new shoes and for the first time in 9 months she’s rolling again! Oh happy day!


5.15.13 Lights and Water


Lights and water (with help)!  I had to phone a friend for this one and “borrow a husband”. Tom was willing to help and I was willing to let someone help me.  There is only so much 1 woman can do by herself.  He helped me with the wiring and getting her lights in working order, which was a large task because there was some glitches in the way it was originally wired.  Was able to find tail lights and blinkers that were “shorter” than the average to fit inside the covers without melting the plastic cone lights on the sides.  I also had to order a licence plate light from Vintage Trailer Supply. 


Next we worked on getting the water working.  I had already bought all the parts we needed and he helped get them installed properly.  My old faucet was too rusted so I purchased a new one from IKEA.  I will not have contained water on board and I did not install a grey water tank.  So with that in mind we installed the standard hose hook up on the outside of the trailer and just attached a drain tube that will lead to the outside of the trailer and drain into “something” (not yet determined – a bucket perhaps?)  We also had to cap off the hot water line since I don’t have that option.  And Viola! We have water.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4.22.13 Paint

Paint, paint, paint. I have polled friends, family and the majority was to keep it shiny. However, I really like the painted look too… I compromised. I had to buy new tin for the back that came primed already so I decided to paint the back in the accent colors with rattle cans. I am still deciding if I will continue color down the sides or not, but for now the goal is to get her rolling! I can do all that later. 
I also love the names that are painted on these trailers.  Since I am doing this on a budget I found a website that you can custom order stencils at  You can order any custom lettering you’d like and its very affordable, and comes with detailed instructions.  I decided that I would put her name on the front in the accent colors as well.  I cut a template out of full sheet labels for the computer, primed the area, sprayed the accent color, let it dry, added the stencil and sprayed that in the other color, removed it all and done!  I also did all of this with rattle cans too. 
In between coats of paint drying I attached the diamond plateing I had purchased.  There was a pretty good hole in the original tin and several rock marks, etc.  I liked the look and the function of this too!